Nasal Steroids, Slightly Tricky to Use

How to Get the Most Out of Your Nasal Steroids

Nasal steroid medications are one of the most effective means of controlling nasal allergies. Yet, many people try them and get no improvement. They have a miracle drug in their hands, and don’t know how to use it!

A good medicine might be useless if it can't get to the right place.

A common practice in using nasal sprays is to "spray and sniff" thinking this will suck the medicine up into the nose. Wrong! This merely sucks all the medicine into your throat where it does no good, and gives you an annoying taste. Do not sniff!

Here’s how to get your miracle drug to perform its miracle:
1) Hold your breath or breathe through your mouth. Practice not sniffing.
2) Sit upright, and pump one spray into each nostril. Do not sniff.
3) Quickly lie down on your back and tilt your head back.
4) Place your index fingers on both sides of your nose and massage your nose back and forth, swishing the medication around inside your nose.
5) Then tilt your head to the left and right to get the medication into your sinus cavities, and continue to massage with your fingers.
6) After 30 seconds, you can get up, sniff, blow your nose or do anything you like. The medicine is already in your sinuses.

Sniffing your nasal spray will suck it down your throat.

Repeat the whole process once or twice every day. Within a day or two you will start to benefit from this extremely effective medication.

New in 2014, some nasal steroids are available OTC (over the counter) without a prescription.


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