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ADHD (Hyperactive Child)

Allergies (see nasal steroids)

Animals: What Pets are Safe for Children?

Antibiotics: Why They Don't Work Anymore

Asthma Basics

Autism: What are the Signs?

Baby Nutrition

Babysitter Tips

Batteries, a Deadly Danger

Bigotry is Bad for Children's Health

Bottled Water: Boon or Bain?

Brushing: Bad for your Teeth?

Calcium: Got Milk? Don't Need It!!

CAM: You may be using it and not know it!

Common Cold, Still No Cure


Corona Virus (COVID-19)


Disc Golf, Fitness Sport of the 21st Century

Disc Golf, Techniques

Drug Abuse Signs in Teens

Ear Infections in Children

Eczema Treatment

Energy Drinks, Worth the Risk?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fever is Good for You

Flu (Influenza Virus)

Food Allergies

Food: What You Eat is Critically Important

Foodborne Illness Can Be Prevented

Fructose is Poison

Glands: Your Lymph Nodes Fight Infection!

Gun Safety: Why Are So Many Children Dying?

Headlice: How to Get Rid of Them

Health Disinformation

Holistic Medicine: A Scam?

Injury Prevention in Children

Internet Use: Safe for Kids?

Kidney Stones Can Be Prevented

Lactose Intolerance

Limit Setting: My House, My Rules!

Marijuana, a Dangerous Drug for Kids and Teens

Nasal Steroids


Poisons, a Major Threat to Children

RSV: Danger for Babies

Sensitive Teeth: There Is a Cure!

Sexual Abuse in Children

Shotgun Medicine!


Sleep, How Much is Enough?

Strep Throat

Suicide Can Be Prevented!

Tanning Salons = Skin Cancer

Teething: No Oragel

Tick Bites

Tobacco Update, Including Vaping

Vaccines Save Lives!

Vaccine for Cancer: HPV

Vitamins: Why Do We Need Them?

Voodoo Science

Weight: Why is it even important?

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