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The most amazing medical discovery of modern medicine is the discovery of how to prevent chronic diseases. In the last century, infectious diseases caused the most deaths worldwide, by far. With the discovery of antibiotics and sanitation, deaths from infectious diseases are way down. The majority of deaths in this century are from chronic diseases, such as heart disease, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, liver failure, cancer and others. Thanks to very recent discoveries, most of these can now be prevented! But you have to start at a young age, and you have to learn how to mold your lifestyle to incorporate prevention into your daily routine.

It's not that hard, and definitely worth the effort! 

Note from Dr Rick:   As you will see, nutrition is such an important part of wellness, that it deserves it's own web page.
So I wrote one, called Healthy Weight Kids, which can be found at www.healthyweightkids.org.

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